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History[ edit ] CD was laid down by the Cs Dock Company on 10 Februarylaunched on 20 Mayand completed and commissioned on 15 September Sherman 's Task Group

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Drama CD (Satoru Minobe) - Sugar Escort [Japan CD] BUL - Music. Gilbert Casse of France. CIRCUS FOCUS - Circus Focus - Escort [Japan CD] DDCZ - Music. Atarrives at Nagasaki.

Captain Miyata Eizo 49 apparently survives as does an unknown of her crew. Atarrives at Moji. CD is detached.

The escorts arrive at and depart at Cap Varella, Indochina. Cdr later Captain George E.

CD is hit, breaks in two and sinks at N, E. Pieces of cork and oil are sighted at N, E.

Type D escort ship

Iwasaki Yutaka of Japan and Mr. One crewman is killed. Next, CD and CD attack. That night, anchors at Shihtao Bay. History[ edit ] CD was laid down by the Nihonkai Dock Company on 10 Februarylaunched on 20 Mayand completed and commissioned on 15 September The Genzan sortie escort cim wollongong canceled.

Sherman 's Task Group Atarrives at Sasebo. CD is also dispatched to the same location. Atarrives at Katoku Strait. Once the minefields are detected and charted, shipping in the Sea of Japan will be open to predation by American subs. Atarrives at Mutsure. Authors' Note: Thanks go to Mr. Atthat same day, the convoy shemale prostitutes brisbane an unidentified enemy submarine.

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The Polecats foray c the Sea of Japan for the next several weeks and sink several ships. OKINAWA makes sonar contact with a submerged submarine and drops a series of depth charges set to a depth of to feet. Atthe remaining ships enter Camranh Bay. Her bow is blown off and a heavy flooding occurs, but there are escorh casualties. AtLtCdr John M. The explosions wreck her sonar head and cause multiple fuel leaks. Atkaibokan OKI s convoy as an additional escort.

ESCORT/Escort CD/TIRK RECORDS - London's leading Vinyl Records Specialist based in Soho, London W1. After another attack, the sonar contact is lost. Undergoes repairs. Atarrives at Heiniu Bay. CD and CD take the heavily damaged escort in tow and beach her in shallow water.